To my followers:

So again, I am no longer reblogging or editing pictures on this tumblr. I am transferring all my pictures to my other blog, pokepoke-chan. I will be shutting this tumblr down probably by the end of the summer. I know, it’s far away from now, but that should just give me enough time to reblog them all over to my other blog, if you still wanted the shipping pictures. My other tumblr is not just shipping, but for pokemon in general. Thanks again for following!

Anonymous whispered,

If you're going to delete this blog soon, may I know the name of your other Tumblr? :)

oh, okay, lol. it’s pokepoke-chan (;
of course, i just started that blog like a week ago or something like that.. but i have too many blogs now, so yeah, lol.

To my followers:

I think I’m going to delete this tumblr soon. I know I just made it this year, but since I have another blog dedicated to pokemon, I figured that I should just combine this with the other tumblr anyways. Anyways, I probably won’t be deleting too soon since I’m planning to reblog everything, but I just wanted to let you all know that it won’t be up anymore by.. I’d say.. at least the beginning of summer or so, so if you want to browse the few pages and get what you followed for, you’ve still got a lot of time.



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